Thursday, November 24, 2016

growing as a person

does learning to enjoy a new liquor count as growing as a person? i vote yes. :) after my arrival at katlyn's and a quick shower, it was quickly determined that a drink or two was needed to kick off the thanksgiving season. now i am not a bourbon drinker by any stretch of the imagination... but it turns out katlyn & vinny are quite the bourbon/whiskey snobs, and they decided to ameliorate this particular gap in my palate education.

they set up a flight of bourbons & whiskey - just of the ones they had on hand - with a bonus rum. We tried: Blade & Bow, Woodford Reserve 12 Year Standard, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, RedBreast Single Pot 12 year Irish Whiskey, I.W. Harper, Willett Pot Still Reserve, High West Campfire Whiskey and Zaya Gran Reserva Luxury Rum 12 year aged. The instructions were that each bourbon would be consumed in 3 small sips - the first gets the burn out, the second is the first release of the flavors and the third (held for a moment on the tongue) is the full experience of the rich flavor of the drink. What follows are my tasting notes for your edification.

Blade & Bow: pretty burny on the first sip (but it was also my first sip of any bourbon last night, which is always going to be pretty burny), pretty much no burn and a lot of vanilla on the second sip, and full on oatmeal chocolate chip cookie on my third sip. i would definitely sip this over ice without even mixing it. (i did mix myself a goldrush with it, which was also delicious.)

Woodford Reserve - very smooth, quite a bit of black licorice, and i did *not* like it. at all. there is definitely an "x" beside it on my scrap of paper.

Bulleit Rye - so. boring. rye is grown in canada and vincent said, 'this is what canada tastes like to bourbon'. nope.

RedBreast Irish Whiskey - these sips were prefaced by vinny saying, "irish whiskey is for fucking or fighting". ha! it was pretty smooth and slightly sweet, but with a surprisingly peppery finish. it was very forward tasting, and left a spicy, burny aftertaste. i didn't love it.

I.W. Harper - this one was yummy. there was no burn, and immediately had a hint of maraschino cherries. one the third sip, vincent suggested banana... i let it roll around a bit on my tongue and would agree with a hint of banana *runt*, but not a straight up banana. we agreed to disagree. yummy either way.

Willett - tiny hint of peanut, but overall a very bright bourbon... which is not something i found to be a typical bourbon descriptor. it had a lovely cherry flavor - not the maraschino kind, the summer grocery store kind. i definitely chose this one to drink over ice later on.

High West Campfire Whiskey - took a sniff and wanted to throw up. it smells like old stinky campfire. katlyn insisted that i at least try it. it tasted like licking the side of an old, gross boat. double nope.

Zaya Gran Reserva Rum - this was a bonus tasting. i was promised that this was rum like i had no idea existed. turns out - holy shit. yes. this was *amazing* ... it both smelled & tasted like cream soda! it was creamy and sweet, but not sticky, with a super yummy aftertaste. i might drink this over ice after dinner... mmmmm

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