Thursday, November 24, 2016


sitting at the table this morning eating cereal with vinny & katlyn, referring to himself and me, vinny made the comment, "we are so predictable."

you might not believe me, but that is true! it seems very odd to us that so many people are of the opinion that we are unpredictable ... "crazy", if you will. but truth be told, there are no surprises here. the secret is to learn to understand our underlying motivations, which are actually unchanging. we have a core that is solid - we know what our values are, how we want to treat people and how we want to be treated. we know what we believe, and at the center of both of us is strong and furious capital "L" Love.

vincent says you have to learn to approach and understand us like jane goodall did with the chimpanzees. i want to disagree with him, but ... sigh... i cannot. HA!

 truth is not for cowards!

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