Wednesday, November 16, 2016

superstitions and metaphors

so i have a thing. kind of like a superstition, but not entirely. at numerous pivotal, intense or overwhelming moments in my life, at the very second i am wondering to myself how on earth i will survive, i have seen a living thing that is out of place. like an owl in the middle of the sidewalk, just chillin'. or a fox trotting past my back door. hummingbirds, deer, birds of prey, praying mantis', bunnies, herons... not strange living things, just living things at strange times or places, or in an obvious way that is unusual. when that happens to me, it's like i hear God / the Divine / the Universe say to me, "i see you." 

it's never a sense that everything will be fine, or that it's all gonna to come up rachel... just that i am seen. just that someone or something bigger and more powerful than me, with infinitely more control, is aware of little ol' me... aware of what i am going through, aware of how i feel. every time it happens, i feel a little less isolated, a little less alone. 

add to that little superstition the way that life is full of metaphors, and i'll let you draw your own conclusions. this little guy popped out of the breakroom drain today when someone turned on the tap to wash their mug.

oh. my. gosh. we scooped him up, set him outside in the sun and i gave him a little pile of the birdseed from my feeder. 

sometimes i'm the mouse, some days i'm the girl with the birdfood. either way, today i saw a living thing that was out of place. i'm feeling a little less alone and a little more seen. <3

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