Tuesday, November 15, 2016

well, this happened

welp. i said i'm going to be honest, so i'm just going to be honest. today was a total shit show. and i am making poor self-care choices. a cigarette. a double gin & tonic. a little self-pity, a lot of anger. if i'm going to preach it, i have to tell the truth you when i wildly miss the mark. so, i missed the mark. and i'm just going to stay here for a little while. maybe tomorrow will be a new day. it probably will. but today, i am tired. tired of fighting for every inch.

i know that the moment is not forever. you don't need to remind me of that. i know that feelings aren't facts and the sun will come out tomorrow. yup. all true. tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow...


  1. I feel ya. I've been making some really bad self-care choices as well, and wow can I feel it. It's hard when the physical and emotional poor choices all gang up on you to make the good choices seem so much further away.

  2. I admire the brutal honesty. Wish I could do more than simply letting you know that I care.