Thursday, April 13, 2017

hopefullly it's the weather

in the dream i watch the tree fall in slow motion through the roof of the house. slowly, the walls collapse around me and i am pinned beneath the rubble - caught. the scene shifts and out of the sky an avalanche of snow buries me and i can't breathe - trapped. then a third time, pinned down by unseen darkness, unable to move.

so, yeah - my work is really, achingly difficult right now.

i'm hoping it's just the weather and not the climate... like the weather might be bad all week, but the climate here is lovely. i hope it's like that. because i love what i do... and because, apparently, i am being squashed. 

so i took today off. :) and yes. i'm swinging in my hammock right now. but i swear i earned it!

i vacuumed today for the first time since i moved in! i walked (even ran a little bit!) the dog around the lake, cleaned off my deck, cleaned my room, the kitchen and the bathrooms. i went to the store and bought toothpaste & shampoo - like a real grown up! and all before 10 am. it might sound awful, but gosh it felt good! 

mimosas on the deck with kim, mediterranean lunch with sabrina and now this.... bliss. bringing breath into my frantic soul, helping to dig out of the stress and weight of other things. i hope your easter weekend has a lot of this in it. breath.... rest... peace. 

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